Contact Organizer

Contact Organizer

Sometimes, using a new system to manage your contacts is not as simple as just a standard export-import process. Contacts are segmented in different databases, many of them exist more than once, others have tons of missing information and starting fresh seems a little more complicated than it should. This is why Pobuca Connect offers a new service to help you do just that without having to spend hours from your time. With Pobuca Bot your contact files are merged, cleaned-up and enriched with extra information so that you can easily start with a complete and manageable Pobuca Connect account.

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The whole process is composed of 4 steps, which are described below:

Step 1 – Gathering

All you need to do is to export your contacts from the existing databases you have and upload them to Pobuca Connect. It might be that you currently store them in Outlook, Google Contacts, a CRM system or a similar platform. Luckily, such applications always offer export to a CSV, Excel or vCard file and Pobuca Bot likes all of them. If you have business contacts stored in your mobile phone, the process is even simpler, download Pobuca Connect app and import them. Just make sure to ask your co-workers to do the same process as well, since most of them are going to have their own version of company contacts in some of their devices. In case you have company information stored in some of the applications you use, remember to export it as well; it will help organize your contacts and relate them to Organizations. Once you have gathered all the files upload them to Pobuca Connect for our bot to start processing them.

Step 2 – Clean-up

From now own Pobuca Connect takes over to “polish” your database. The contact files you sent us will be merged and then the following tasks will be performed, using complicated Machine Learning algorithms to maximize efficiency:

  • Duplicate detection
  • Contacts merge
  • Company/Organization correlation

Step 3 – Enrichment (optional)

OK, your contacts are cleaned-up, deduplicated and merged, but many of them hold little information when you need more. Other times, the contact information is there, but it is so old that you know is obsolete. As long as your contacts have an email address, Pobuca Bot can look online in social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, to gather additional information and enrich them. It can only look up publicly available information stored in social media and you can try-before-you-buy our service by submitting a few sample emails in our enrichment form.

Step 4 – Final Database

Once the above steps are complete, your contacts will be uploaded to your Pobuca Connect account and your database will be ready to use. Don’t have a Pobuca Connect account already? Don’t worry, we will create it for you under our Enterprise subscription and you will be able to use it for free for 60 days and try Pobuca Connect hands-on. During this time, you can export your cleaned up database to a CSV or Excel file to move it to a different platform or (and this is what we hope you do) you like Pobuca Connect so much that you will renew your subscription for one of our versions (Free, Pro, Enterprise).

Do you own a CRM system and want to have your contacts synced in both platforms? Pobuca Connect can connect to it, as long as it offers an API, and sync contact and organization information between the two systems (the exact process is described below). In case you don’t own a CRM yet and want to start using one, Pobuca Connect offers a complete CRM platform powered by Microsoft that is integrated with our contacts and organizations out-of-the-box. Contact us to start your trial now.

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