Pobuca Tips & Tricks

  • Published: 20th June, 2017

Pobuca Tips & Tricks

Pobuca’s team is extremely excited 🙌 to announce some super cool tips & tricks about our last release (Login and take a tour). Day after day, we focus on productivity regarding contact management as you should do too by adapting the following tips & tricks.

Copy values & send sms:

All fields of all entities can be copied to your clipboard and pasted in any communication platform you want to use in order to send them to an external partner. The options are displayed when the user presses long time the value.


For those who love google maps, Pobuca added the ability to open an organization address via google maps 🌎 in order to get you safely where you need to be. If the address isn’t installed on the device, the appropriate message 📩 will appear.

Click on 'pin icon' and google maps will appear on your screen 📱 .

Spotlight search (iPhone users):

Search for contacts or organizations fast and easy. Go to spotlight search and find any contact stored in your Pobuca app.

The only thing you have to do, is to go on 'Settings' in Pobuca app and enable the feature of Spotlight in the ‘Extensions’ menu by clicking ‘Spotlight search’ Pobuca app.

Caller ID:

Pobuca focuses on your phone calls and your interactions with customers. To be more productive in your communications, enable caller 📞 ID extention. By opening ‘Pobuca’ app from the main menu choose ‘Setting’ and at the ‘Extensions’ label turn on ‘Caller ID’.

Login & Experience the new tricks we have suggested.

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