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Boost your productivity by easily communicating with students, parents or teachers on any device. Pobuca Connect, where teams share contacts.



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Why Solution Education

Improve your communication with students and parents

Give to teachers the tool to easily access contact info (co-workers or external) on any device. Establish a connection that lasts throughout the entire student journey, from admissions to graduation. Today's education institutions need to be pro-active with their communications to students' and parents'.

Each family is unique, let them know!

Never miss another minute trying to find parent or student contact information when you need to contact them. Whether it is their phone or email you are looking for, Pobuca Connect will help you reach them even in the most urgent situations, and if you don't manage to find them, easily set reminders to call them back. When they are calling you, know in advance who is on the other end of the line and answer with confidence.

A campaign management tool embedded in your contacts.

Take one step further and build meaningful relationships with your students and parents. Important occasions require productive tools, so get in touch with everyone at the same time, saving time and energy. Segment your list based on a variety of criteria, directly within Pobuca Connect, and send your campaigns via email or SMS.

In-sync with your Student Information System (SIS).

Already own an SIS? Sync it with Pobuca Connect for Education and have all the contact information you need available on any software and any device. Don't own an SIS yet? Contact us today.

Your existing infrastructure integrated with your contacts.

Pobuca Connect for Education is integrated with your Office 365 subscription to allow teachers and faculty to access the contact list directly within Outlook using Pobuca Connect Outlook add-in. Your CRM and Pobuca Connect contacts can be integrated to provide you a unique database image on any software. Moreover, existing O365 credentials can be used to access Pobuca Connect, allowing you to have a common identity for all your organization's software.