Pobuca Bot on Microsoft Teams

Pobuca Bot on Microsoft Teams

Meet Pobuca Bot on Microsoft Teams – the exclusive virtual assistant that helps Enterprises boost employee productivity on a daily basis.

Install Pobuca Bot on Microsoft Teams and get the most out of all its special features.



Explore Pobuca Bot on Microsoft Teams:

Get answers to FAQs 

Employees tend to spend long hours searching for various company policies and procedures (e.g. how much annual leave they are entitled to). From now on, Pobuca Bot can serve as your HR assistant and provide you with all the information you are looking for, leading to greater productivity and efficiency. 

Ask for external contact details

Integrate Pobuca Bot on Microsoft Teams with Pobuca Connect and access your centralized company address book. Start a conversation with Pobuca Bot on Microsoft Teams and find the contact information of your external contacts.

Automate messages

Program Pobuca Bot to broadcast messages, company announcements and news to all the employees (using Azure Active Directory) without spamming them with unwanted emails.


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