Pobuca Connect for retail

Want to boost your productivity by easily communicating with customers, suppliers and any other contacts on any device? Check the Pobuca Connect Enterprise solution starting from $8/month. Pobuca Connect, where teams share contacts.



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Why Solution Retail

Improve communication with customers and suppliers

Today’s customers expect immediate service and personalized experience. So, make every shopper’s experience unique showing you are there for them. Have supplier information always handy, no matter what.

Personalize every visit.

When customers come to your store, stop wasting valuable time trying to remember their personal details to show them how important they are to you. Keep up-to-date contact profiles with Pobuca Connect and have this information available any time, from any device. Even when they just call you for information, with Pobuca Connect caller ID, you and your team always know who is on the other end of the line and will answer in the most suitable manner.

Just met them? Know them!

New customers should never feel like strangers. With Pobuca Connect for Retail you can enrich their profiles and learn more about every customer, even when you just met them. Turn sparse information into full contact profiles by gathering information from various social media public profiles and provide the best possible customer experience.

Build Campaigns that matter.

When visitors turn into shoppers, show them that you really know them by sending the right campaign to the right person. Segment your customers into lists based on a variety of criteria and build meaningful relationships that matter. Send your campaigns via email or SMS and track the results within Pobuca Connect.

Track the path to purchase.

With Pobuca Connect for Retail, your contact profiles will include everything you need to keep track of your customers' path with you. Organize your contact list by segmenting your customers into different categories, such as customers, suppliers and generic contacts and keep track of their spending with custom fields created to meet your needs.


Share contact lists

Share contact lists by inviting your co-workers or external partners to join you on Pobuca Connect. Keep contacts, co-workers and organizations in sync across every device you use. (Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Outlook)

Private contacts

Keep some contacts private to you and not shared with your co-workers.

Caller ID

Get contact recognition for every call you receive through Pobuca Connect, even if you haven't saved the contact details on your smartphone.

Set teams

Create custom contact lists with strict user permissions for your different teams (marketing, sales, support etc.)

Custom fields

Use custom fields to add more context to your contacts and organizations for better segmentation and fast search.

New contacts

Create new contacts by scanning business cards (take a photo of the business card and automatically have a new contact - available on mobile) or capturing email signatures.

Choose the PLAN that suits you.

Pobuca for Retail


All Pobuca Enterprise features plus the following for retail:

✓ Categorized contacts in customers & suppliers
✓ Free email campaigns
(1,000 emails/month for each Pobuca user)
✓ Contacts cleanup
(free for the initial import up to 20,000 contacts)
✓ Contacts enrichment

15-Day Free Trial


Upgrade Pobuca for Retail to a CRM:

✓ Customer engagement
✓ Loyalty program
✓ Campaign management
✓ Proximity marketing
✓ Digital endpoints
(web, mobile app, bot)

✓ Advanced analytics