We are seeking for partnerships with Telecom Carriers globally to distribute Pobuca Connect as a SaaS solution to their business customers.



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Sign up with your work email

Are you using to communicate on work? If not, please provide us with your work email, so we can connect you with your team and start sharing business contacts.

Pobuca is built for teams to share contacts, and the only way to auto-connect you with other people in your company is by signing up with your work email address.

Why partner with Pobuca Connect

How can someone communicate without having easy access to contact info on any device? Pobuca Connect is a “near core” offering for Telcos, as it is a virtual assistant for business communication.

The Problem

Every organization, regardless of size or industry, faces a common challenge: to have easy and secure access on any device of all their business contacts (internal or external). There are 3 productivity pains when you try to communicate at work:

  1. Find the contact information.

  2. Use a communication device or channel.

  3. Manage to reach the business contact.

Pobuca Connect solves the first & third problem, while for the second we rely on our partners, Telcos.

Our vision

"Change the way businesses store and communicate with their contacts" - we want all businesses globally to use Pobuca Connect and realize its productivity value.

The Product

Pobuca Connect is a cloud SaaS available in all platforms desktop, mobile, web & bot (download free for all platforms). It allows teams to share contact lists and access them on any device. Once you update a business contact in your smartphone, you have the option to automatically share it with your team or the whole company.

Moreover, Pobuca Bot is a virtual assistant that imports, checks for updates and communicates with contacts using physical language with the user. Pobuca Bot moves productivity into the future by enabling the communication for the user and connect him/her when the contact is reached and available! Chat with Pobuca Bot using Facebook Messenger.


What customers do now

The market size is huge, 2B business workers worldwide that communicate at work. They currently use personal address books in smartphones (cannot be shared), CRM software (an overkill, expensive licensing and complex approach) or excel files with contacts (not secure, no mobile access).

The unique offering of Pobuca Connect combines features from social media, collaboration tools and CRM, allowing users to easily find and communicate with all their organization contacts on any device.


Benefits for Telcos

Revenue from licenses

New revenue stream by selling Pobuca Connect licenses, core-services, upgrades or Pobuca Bot.

More voice calls

Voice revenue from higher volume of calls via mobile, due to easiness in accessing business contacts.

Increase loyalty & satisfaction

Increase loyalty by offering a productivity boost service that clients wouldn’t like to lose by porting out, i.e. an extra barrier to exit.


Differentiation by offering a value adding service – potentially exclusively in local market/region, so by differentiating brand in a commoditized industry.

Raise ARPU

Higher usage of smartphones vs. desktop solutions.


Address employees of your clients, not in your network.