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Boost your productivity by easily communicating with customers & provides. Pobuca Connect, where teams share contacts.


Reconstruct your contact database with Pobuca Connect

Transform the way you communicate with your customers, providers and team members to build the most successful construction projects. Minimize time wasted in searching for contact details and increase productivity in the field.

Less hassle, more labor time

What is the main productivity-killer in construction projects? 63 percent of direct labor time on construction projects is spent on struggling to communicate with providers to track materials, traveling to the construction areas to reach coworkers and planning how to do the work (COAA study). The key to increase productivity is to reduce time spend on finding people and the first step to achieve this is to keep a unified up-to-date contact list shared with your team.

If all else fails – Communicate effectively

When things go wrong on a project, it is almost always due to a communication breakdown along the way. Technology is the answer to your communication problems. 70% of Americans own smartphones (Wikipedia), so there is a good chance that almost everyone on your project has one. Introducing Pobuca Connect to your team can provide them with the necessary contact information in real time and minimize communication slowdowns.

Each customer is unique, let them know!

No project is the same! You are always ready to talk your customers, address their specific problems and challenges and show them that their project is your top priority. However, one of the greatest complaints customers have is that they don't always feel they are the #1 on your list. The first step to address that is to always answer phone calls with confidence. With Pobuca Connect Caller ID your team will never have to guess who's calling them. This will reduce time on hold and increase call resolution results.

Build trust along with everything else

Even in an online world, customers still want to interact with a professional they trust before commiting to big construction project. Providing the right resources is critical when your customers need assistance—whether it’s over the phone, email or in the field. You pick the communication channel and Pobuca Connect will provide the customer information you need and the means to reach them exactly when you should.