Secure Data With Pobuca

  • Published: 10th January, 2017

Pobuca offers more security for your organization contacts compared to on premises solutions (excel files or databases with contacts) or no policy at all.

It seems logical to store your data in a controlled datacenter because you think that is safer than data in the cloud. Most of the times this is not true, since cloud storage is more secure compared to a standard on premises installation with internet access. Still, in order to discuss the above hypothesis there should be in place a policy for data storage and with business contacts, when customers come to us, amazingly there is none! Employees could use their personal mobiles, or public email accounts to store their business contacts. Before Pobuca business policies were flexible accepting this practice, since they wanted their employees to be flexible and easily access their contacts in any device. With Pobuca your organization contacts will be safer, not only because you get enterprise level of security in a protected cloud datacenter, but most importantly because you can apply a company policy on how to store and share your organization contacts, while increasing your productivity. You have full control of your data in cloud and if you decide to unsubscribe from the app, your data leave with you (we have no copies or unauthorized access to your contact lists).

Did you know that through cloud services that Pobuca offers you can boost your usability and accessibility?

  1. Stored organization contacts can be accessed from anywhere via Internet connection either cloud storages or local storages (mobile phones). Through Pobuca all organization contacts are synchronized across smartphones, tablets and desktops in real-time. This basically means that you can have access on your contacts from any device.
  2. Disaster recovery is also an important feature of cloud storage, where users are allowed to edit, format and move contacts from/to their phones to/from cloud. It is highly recommended to use a businesses contact management app, where all your contacts are saved in cloud storage. Cloud storage can be used as a backā€up plan by businesses by providing a second copy of organization contacts. These files are stored at a remote location and can be downloaded through an internet connection and can be used without internet connection.

Below you can check statistics that prove that storage of data in the cloud is the future. The more challenging part is to apply policies in your organization and select a trustworthy cloud vendor.

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