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  • Published: 6th April, 2017

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Organization Description

Doukas is an awarded K12 school in Greece with 2,000 students. Its statement of purpose is to constantly improve the quality of educational services and respond to the needs and expectations of students, their parents and the broader community. Doukas school aims to educate global citizens with a Greek identity, to equip them with 21st Century Skills, aknowledging that each child is unique.

The Challenge

Doukas School has installed a sophisticated Student Information System (SIS), with all their contacts (students, parents and staff) stored in its database. However, it wasn't easy for teachers or admin staff to communicate with students and parents, or to send marketing campaigns, as an SIS system aims in business processes and not communication. So they wanted to sync contact information from SIS to a handy app, and make their contacts list accessible on any device.

The Solution

In order to meet its needs Doukas School started using Pobuca for education. Now all of the students, parents, teachers, and external vendors contact info is stored in Pobuca, with privacy in mind, and in-sync with the existing SIS. When a new student is stored in the SIS, his/her contact details (phone, email etc) automatically sync with Pobuca as well. School staff can easily communicate with any of their organization contacts on any device. Moreover, the marketing department can send email campaigns to parents (or new potential customers) regarding school events and students issues. Last but not least, Pobuca was integrated with Microsoft AD & O365 for easier user management and Outlook integration.

"Pobuca made us more productive as our teachers informed parents more easily about the courses of the pupils and their daily school life."

-Vasilis Oikonomou, IT Manager

Total Users - 31
  |  Sessions up until now: Web sessions - 25  iOS sessions - 65  Android sessions - 154

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