Link Contacts to Organization

  • Author: Anna Natsvlishvili / Date: 5th February, 2017

How-To Link Contacts to Organization

(Description + Video)

There are two ways to link a contact with an organization.

Note: In both way, basic prerequisite is the existence of organization.


Link contacts with organization through organization view screen:

From organization view screen press the button   beside of organization Contacts

There you can choose to link an existing contact with that organization or to create a new contact.


Add Existing Contact:

All existing orphan contacts in your contact list will be appeared in your screen. Uncheck the “Orphan Contracts” to see all your contacts.


Note: Orphan contacts are the contacts that haven't linked yet with an organization.

Select the contacts you wish to link with organization and press the   symbol.

The selected contacts will be appeared under the organization info.

Create a new contact:

The “add new contact” screen will be displayed, with prefilled the name of organization.

Fill in the blanks in the Add New Contact form and press   symbol at the right corner of the screen (see how to Create a new contact).

The new contact will be appeared under the organization info.

Link contact with organization through new / edit contact screen

Note: You may link a contact with an organization either when you create a new contact or when you edit a contact (see how to Create a new contact, how to edit a contact).

Go to “Organization” field and start writing an existing organization name

From the drop down list select the organization you want.  

Note: From the “add new contact” screen or “edit contact” screen you could not create a new organization. The organization must exist in order to link it with a contact.