Manage Registered Users

  • Author: Anna Natsvlishvili / Date: 10th February, 2017

How-To Manage Registered Users

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From the main menu select Settings and then, in submenu, select Co-workers Panel

Note: Only administrator users can see that option

There are three main user’s categories:

  • Registered Users: The users that have created account and have logged in the application
  • Unregistered Users: The users that have created by admins and have not logged in yet in the application
  • Revoked Users: The registered users in which administrators have terminated their right to enter the application

You can navigate to each category by clicking the category name.

Managed Registered Users

The administrators have the ability to change the user's role and the user's contact information. Also, administrators can revoke user's access.


Change User Role

To change a user role, find the user in the registered user list. Then, under the role column choose the   symbol. The available roles will appear.

Select the role that you wish and in confirmation window press “change”

Edit User

To change the contact information of a user, find the user in the registered user list and press edit

Make the changes that you want and then press   the at the right corner of the screen

Note: You can change the name that's linked to a user, but you can't change his email address.

Revoke Access

To revoke access to a user, select the user from registered user list and then choose the   symbol at the right corner of the screen.

In confirmation window choose Revoke Access