Pobuca – CRM: Better Together!

  • Published: 23th June, 2017

Pobuca & CRM are better Together

With Pobuca you can easily find and communicate with any of your organization contacts, internal or external. Pobuca unique offering combines features from social media, collaboration tools and CRM systems.

With CRMs it shares business structure and policies, although Pobuca targets to easy communication and not sales or customer service processes. In other words, a CRM system is too expensive and complex just for sharing contact info within teams.

However, Pobuca integrates with CRMs in various business models and let me briefly explain them to you:

Use Pobuca to initially import contacts in CRM

It is critical to start using your new CRM with a clean contact database and you can achieve this through Pobuca. Moreover, you can avoid cold start issues with your new installation, since there is no need to ask from your people to update it manually.

Gather all your business contacts in Pobuca to clean up the client base and have an easy import process while moving to a new CRM solution. The process is super easy: give Pobuca to all your people and let them decide which contacts to import in CRM.

  • Import from personal address books found in smartphones, Outlook or Gmail
  • Scan business cards to add new contacts
  • Scan emails and extract full contact information from signatures
  • Enrich contact info with information found in social media
  • Automatically relate contacts with their organizations
  • Centralize and de-duplicate this information for the entire company
  • Decide which contacts should be imported to the CRM

Pobuca in sync with CRM

You keep your business contacts in CRM but still have to maintain personal address book for easy communication? You want to keep in CRM only the client base but you need also a system to store the rest of your business contacts? You can sync CRM contacts & companies with Pobuca and easily access them on any device - especially mobile. You even get caller ID!

Finally yet importantly, in most cases CRMs are not company-wide licensed because they cost a lot; only sales or customer service departments have access. However, communication with business contacts is an essential productivity need for all employees and with Pobuca you don’t have to buy expensive CRM licenses for everybody – just sync it!


Pobuca Bot add on – Assisted call

Integrate Pobuca Bot to your CRM to speed up business communications. Make it your personal e-assistant that calls contacts found in CRM for you and connects them when available.


Don’t have a CRM? Get one from Pobuca with Customers-ready!

You are using Pobuca and want also to manage your sales or customer service with a CRM? With Pobuca Customers-ready, you can automatically upgrade and sync your contact database to a CRM system. Our professional services team can customize the CRM to your needs and offer a turnkey solution.