#1 Pobuca Product Update

  • Published: 15th May, 2017

What‘s New on Pobuca!


We are continuously making Pobuca better to meet your business needs and expectations!

Below you may find the latest product release (published on May 15, 2017) for more info on the current and upcoming enhancements.

Login and take a tour of what’s new, review the new features and give us your feedback at hello@pobu.ca.

Enhancements for ALL users


1. Outlook add-in

Integrate Pobuca to Microsoft Outlook client (version 2013 or later for PC and Mac or Outlook Web Access). Pobuca will be added to ribbon, and from within Outlook you can search for contacts, automatically add new ones by scanning emails (people found tab) and share people or organizations details with email recipients. Download the Outlook add-in from the official Office store.

“In productivity apps like Pobuca it’s essential to have quality clients for all available platforms. Microsoft is the worldwide leader in business productivity and Pobuca joined Office store that you can access Pobuca contacts from Outlook and O365. We will keep working closely with you, making sure that you embed the latest Microsoft technologies to your products. Well done!”

Dimitris Gkanatsios, Sr. Technical Evangelist at Microsoft

2. Share contact details of contacts / organizations / coworkers (profile)

Users are able to share contact info of stored people or organizations in various channels (email, SMS, text message etc). Press the share button on the profile of a contact, organization or coworker and select the channel to share.

3. Advanced search

Search for people or organizations using special filters and criteria. Download here the full guide.

4. Share my contact details (profile)

Have you run out of business cards? No worries. You can send your profile and contact details through Pobuca. Open the Pobuca mobile app and choose the share button on the menu under your photo. Send it through sms, email etc. Kind reminder: Download the free mobile app here and always update your contact details in Pobuca!

5. New contacts from email signatures

Let us introduce you a new way to add contacts on mobile; now you can paste email signatures and automatically get contacts in Pobuca! You can try it now: download the latest mobile app here, browse your emails, find conversations with new contacts, copy their signatures and select to add a new contact in Pobuca. 

Enhancements for Pobuca PRO & ENTERPRISE users


1. Advanced user access roles & permissions (admin, editor, reviewer)

The Pobuca admin can now set access roles to coworkers. The available roles are the following: admin, editor & reviewer. Admin has full access to all Pobuca functionalities and data. Editor can search, view, import and edit contacts or organizations stored in Pobuca but cannot perform admin tasks. Reviewer can only search and view contacts or organizations stored in Pobuca. If you are the Pobuca admin Get Started here.

2. Share contact lists with external partners (like you do with coworkers)

Until now, you could only invite coworkers (with the same email domain) to join you on Pobuca. Now as a Pobuca admin you can invite external partners as well and share contact lists. Get Started here.

3. Custom fields

Now you can use custom fields for better segmentation of contacts and organizations. Custom fields will help you target your searches and easily extract contact information from Pobuca database. To set custom fields you have to be the Pobuca admin. Get Started here.

4. Set Private contacts

Pobuca is all about sharing but we understand that you need some privacy with specific contacts. When you add a new contact select to be private and then select the ones you want to share with your team turning them into public. You can only change only the contacts you have created/imported. Note: You can't turn public contacts into private!

5. Export data

Automatically export all data stored in Pobuca (contacts, organizations and coworkers) to a Comma Separated File (CSV) or an Excel file. Since security of your contact information is our major concern, only Pobuca admins are allowed to use the export feature. Get Started here.

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Enhancements

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