Business Productivity | Small things can make a big difference

  • Published: 5th August, 2016

Small things can make a big difference!

It’s widely known that contacts play a vital role in the companies’ viability. Undeniably, In the fast-paced business world, it’s not what you know that counts the most but rather who you know and how easy it is to contact them. Now picture this: lots of new contacts on your smartphone and you’re faced with the daunting task of sharing them with your colleagues. 

2 communication challenges and how to overcome them with Pobuca Connect

    1. You don’t store business contacts on your smartphone. When you want to contact someone while on the go you ask your colleagues for help or you search for signatures in your inbox messages!

    2. You keep all your business contacts in your personal smartphone address book (which is not shared by default) and guess what; so do your co-workers. 

No matter your role on a team, effective communication is crucial for getting things done-but how can you communicate effectively? Good news: Pobuca Connect can help. How? It synchronizes an easily shared organization address book in a smartphone app and gives you the opportunity to have access from desktop or mobile devices.

Being in the IT industry for quite many years, I have realized that there’s an odd thing often happening in the IT business world: workers focus on tackling more sophisticated productivity problems and they tend to skip the basics (is this because of the rapid emergence of startups that we need to take advantage of every new technology that arises? – I’ll talk about this in a later post).

Let’s examine some facts:

  • Only 20% of all business people use exclusively their desk phones to make phone calls. The rest 80% need to have access to contact details via mobile to easily communicate in their work.
  • 62% of business people feel that they lose more time than needed searching for contact details.
  • 25% of all business people say that they are in need of “a shared organization address book that can be synchronized with mobile devices”. And since they don’t have it yet, they lose approximately 10 minutes per day looking for contact details. This is 40 hours/year/employee. Surprisingly, the loss is about 2000€/year.
  • But is it only a matter of productivity to keep a unified address book? Of course not, since there are also serious policy issues. To give you an example, imagine your salesman leaving the company and taking all his business contacts with him. It sounds familiar, right?
  • Finally, you may wonder if it makes sense in a social world to keep a business address book. The answer is “of course it does”, and the key word is privacy. Would you easily share your contact details, such as your mobile phone, business email and direct phone at social media? On the contrary, once you hand your business card to someone (or you send a business email containing your signature) it means that you allow him/her and his team to have access to your contact details.
  • Imagine now that you also have a bot that can scan all your received business cards and email signatures and automatically update your organization shared address book! It would be lifesaving right?

Considering all the above, we conclude that the business world needs simple and targeted apps that will solve specific problems without changing the way users are used to working and thinking. Indeed, Pobuca Connect has contributed towards the solution of such problems and numerous workers and companies using our app have shared their feedback:

‘Our sales department uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM and we needed to integrate it with Pobuca Connect for easy and mobile access to business contacts for all our employees!’ George Kanios
IT & CI Director, Kafkas S.A

‘Our need was for a unified business address book that we can easily communicate email campaigns. Isidoros presented Pobuca Connect and we started using it in 10 minutes!’ Xenofontas Paraschos
Co-founder & General Manager, Direct+ Insurance

‘Thanks to Pobuca Connect, organization contacts info is now accessible and secure. As an agency, our business contacts are the most valuable asset.’ Alina Pila
Digital Account Manager, Momobi

Curious to experience yourself what Pobuca Connect can do for your business? We’d be glad to show you. Contact our team to schedule a demo or join our community now for free