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Pobuca Connect is the contact manager your team needs in order to speed up business communications and be more productive.

Access your contacts everywhere!

Store and share all your business contacts with Pobuca Connect (user roles & permissions available). Search for names, organizations, job titles and get all their contact details and related info. Constantly update your contacts list by scanning business cards or grabbing email signatures and sync all your devices (desktop, mobile, web, outlook) to be automatically updated with the latest info.


Meet Pobuca Bot, your virtual assistant.

Use the built-in Pobuca Bot that will help you out by searching & updating contact details of people and organizations stored in Pobuca Connect (just ask through chat). Find Pobuca Bot at desktop app and Outlook add-in, or chat using Facebook Messenger or Skype! Coming next: Request Pobuca Bot to call a contact for you and connect you when the contact is available waiting on the other line.


Want more? Get Pobuca Connect Enterprise.

We understand that working on a large organization requires advanced customizable features and the best customer support you can get. This is the reason we created Pobuca Connect Enterprise. Integrate your Line of Business software and systems with Pobuca Connect and have contact information up to date across your organization with special focus on security and privacy.


Get your contacts organized!

It’s true that your contacts are often scattered in different databases. Many of them may even exist more than once, others may contain various missing and vague information. Pobuca Connect wants to help you providing a new service called Contact Organizer. Have your contact files merged, cleaned-up and enriched with extra business info, so that you can easily use them for your campaigns or a new CRM project.


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