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Pobuca is built for teams to share contacts, and the only way to auto-connect you with other people in your company is by signing up with your work email address.

Campaigns-ready Benefits

Take one step further and build meaningful relationships with your professional network. Define your communication strategy.

Design engaging messages fast and easy - Hassle Free

Create truly unique messages that look great on any device with our campaign editor. You can start from a default professionally-designed template and personalize it, or create your own from scratch.

A campaign management tool embedded to your contacts

Get in touch with everyone in your organization contacts at the same time, saving time and energy. Segment your list based on a variety of criteria and send your personalized campaigns to targeted audiences within your contact list. Importing or exporting excel files with outdated lists are a thing of the past!

Track your success

Obtain insights on how your campaigns are performing with rich analytics on recipients' activity. Monitor your audience’s engagement and identify which calls to action are most effective.

Competitive pricing

Pay upon usage and messages sent. Compare our messages pricing to those of competitors and – because money isn’t everything – we are throwing in, contact management for free! Our main concern is to help you succeed!

Campaigns-ready Features

Ready to use Templates

You can create your own template through an html editor or you can select one of our ready-to-use templates and just insert your content… That’s it… you are set.

Manage Marketing Lists

Send a targeted message to a group of contacts that you have selected. You can actually, save and re-use those marketing lists statically or dynamically, based on specific criteria.

Scheduled Delivery

You can now schedule your campaigns and activate them whenever you want, with no need of you being physically present in front of a PC.


Use any element you have saved for each contact, as a personalized field in your message. It can be the name, department, birthday etc.

Advanced Customization

In need of a special customization, which is not included in Pobuca Connect? White labeling our app and distributing it in big quantities to your market, perhaps? No worries, we can deliver!

Campaign Analytics

Track how many people opened your campaigns and see exactly what they clicked. Monitoring your metrics give you lots of valuable information in optimizing your campaigns.

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