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Increase Core Functionality

Everything your field reps and customers need at their fingertips. Download now from Google Play all the available extension apps.

Sales by fieldsales-ready

Add to Fieldsales-ready Core, the sales app extension to get advanced features, such as product catalogue (including photos, codes, quantity, prices, discounts etc.), smart search, manage and store sales documents (orders, preorders, auto delivery notes, returns etc.), shelf management, order approval by the customer via digital signature, real-time reports and more.

Agenda by fieldsales-ready

Add to Fieldsales-ready Core, the agenda app extension to get advanced features, such as complete contact management system (Pobuca) with email, phone, address and map integration, info about customer visits so you can schedule your day and your appointments, a custom list view of assigned customer visits for each sales rep of your team & navigation option.

Surveys by fieldsales-ready

Add to Fieldsales-ready Core, the surveys app extension to get advanced features, such as custom surveys for every customer, optional and mandatory field types (e.g. multiple choice, open answer, y/n etc.), ability to set predefined or fixed answers, history of surveys, detailed real-time reporting.

Fieldsales-ready Features

Order history

Walk into customer meetings totally prepared with your customer’s previous order history and a complete list of their most commonly ordered items.

Schedule visits and routes

Keep an easy and fast territory management. Assign customer accounts to sales territories and reps and let them schedule sales visits and plan optimized sales routes visually.

Product catalogue

Stay up-to-date and cutting edge with an online catalog of your products that is designed specifically for each of your retailers. Group your items by the categories of your choice for a more efficient browsing experience. This way, you can keep your retailers focused on the merchandise that they are most interested in.

Customer list & notes

Mobile access to all your customer data makes preparation for store or tradeshow appointments a breeze, not to mention that it makes contact information easily available for follow-ups or calls. Tap on a customer name for contact details, notes and company-specific data.

Offline access

At remote field appointments you might have limited or no internet access. Fortunately, you can take orders and access all your customer, and product info even if you are offline. You can't afford to leave a customer waiting.

Real Time Reports

Our goal is to make field sales teams smarter in how they spend their time by collecting and displaying their sales visit data in real time in a simple way which you can respond to instantly.

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